Stacking Books


  • Some of the ventilators may be placed very high up.
  • To reach them, the player will need to use the stack books in a ladder formation.
  • When doing this, the player will need to ensure the stack of books does not topple.

Description of obstacle

Normal-to-small technique

The normal sized player can stack the books in a ladder like formation for the small player to climb. The books have to be carefully arranged to avoid toppling over when the small sized player climbs them.

Gameplay Qualities

theorytag_gameflow.gif Solving the puzzle offers access to new worlds

How does the player learn the solution?

theorytag_instinctive.gif theorytag_pacing.gif
The parts of the inner-world which are inaccessible by normal means are housed elaborate objects. This will provoke the player’s curiosity into thinking about the type of small player worlds that could be hidden in these objects. The presence of books near these objects should provoke the player into realising that s/he can use them to assist him/her. This puzzle occurs later on, so the increase in difficulty pacing is acceptable.

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