Story Delivery Mechanics


  • The story is designed to compliment the gameplay through using player interaction.
  • The story does not dominate the gameplay by forcing the player to passively watch lengthy cut-scenes.
  • The main story is communicated through short 2 minute cut scenes that occur after every level. The scenes change depending on the missions the player completes.
  • The background story is communicated through short 30 second fragmented cut-scenes which the player must find and mentally connect together to produce the whole story.

Main Story

The story changes depending on the missions the player completes. Attacking the germs causes the story to favour the side of the humans, while attacking the humans has the opposite effect. A middle path, where the player is able to obtain peace and harmony between both sides is also possible. The main story is depicted in the form of in-game cut-scenes that are no longer than two minutes and only occur at the end of each level to avoid severely interrupting play. As the scenes are short in length, it will not be too expensive to develop alternate versions.

Background Story

The main cut-scenes only show events of the present.Background information and exposition is inferred through examining artefacts in the environment. This background exposition is relevant to all versions of the story, and so does not change.

The artefacts consist of germ gasses and human statues, murals and paintings. Each depicts key moments in the history of each race, through triggering a short video which is no longer than 30 seconds. The human artefact videos have a ‘fine art’ aesthetic. As the Germ gasses induce hallucinations to show the past, they have a more abstract aesthetic that uses colourful effects.

The player may have to mentally connect these depictions together. For example, the player may find a germ gas that depicts the bacteria constructing an intricate microscopic construction. However, just as their work was completed, a human carelessly dropped a chocolate wrapper on the construction, destroying both it and the workers that created it. Finding another germ gas, however, reveals that the construction was intended for destructive purposes. Locating a further video reveals that the destructive purpose was to eradicate the weapons of human terrorist groups in order to save lives. These twisting histories encourage the player to locate all the story segments. The human history cut scenes are just as twisting and may involve real events from the past.

tag_gameplay.gif As the player has to hunt out these segments and identify the clues in each segment that allow him/her to connect them in the correct order, s/he is more interactively involved with the story then if it was merely presented in the form of a single lengthy cut scene.

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