The Ghost Of The Royal Room


  • These ghosts guard the royal room.
  • They will attack any player that does not carry the royal key card.
  • However, using the different sizes, the player may be able to enter the room without the key card.

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The ghost guards the room and demands that player displays the royal pass.

tag_story.gif When the library was active certain rooms were only accessible to royalty. The guard would require eligible patrons to prove their status by displaying an id card that carried the royal stamp. In the present, the ghosts of the guards haunt the room and prevent the player from accessing it.

Description of obstacle

Big size techniques


The big player smashes the door down, but destroys much of the room

  • advantage.jpg This will allow him/her access to the room.
  • disadvantage.jpg However, it will also damage valuable artifacts that are stored near the door.

Small size techniques

  • advantage.jpg There is a mouse hole at the bottom of the door which the small player can travel through.
  • disadvantage.jpg However, if this method is used to access the room, the ghost guard will remain in the room and so act as a danger to the player. Although the player can become a giant to scare the ghost away, it will be difficult to do this without taking damage, as the process of shifting from small-to-normal-to-large offers the ghost a lengthy window to launch an attack.

Normal-small-normal technique

  • advantage.jpg Some parts of the library have the old ID cards hidden away in treasure books (refer to the bookcase secrets section), which the normal player can find. However, the royal symbol is covered in dirt. The small player can kick the dirt atoms away (using the jump attack), allowing the symbol to be visible.
  • The ghost guard will then disappear, allowing free exploration of the room.

By finding the card and kicking the dirt, the player can enter the room.

Gameplay Qualities

Solving the puzzle provides access to a new space. It encourages the player to explore the level to find the royal pass.

How does the player learn the solution?

theorytag_scripted.gif theorytag_vocabulary.gif
When the player first approaches the royal room, a brief scripted event of the ghost asking for the key card occurs. The royal symbol is clearly visible on the key card. This alerts the player to the existence of the card and the royal symbol. The royal symbol is of a footprint, which is an unusual symbol to represent royalty. This unusual quality provides a subtle clue that the solution involves action from the player. The player will inevitably shrink down at some point, which will cause them to discover the dirt atoms.

The other approaches will be obvious and draw on the player vocabulary that has been developed from past experiences with ghosts.

3D Concept Movies

Movies 5a, 5b & 5c - Demonstrates the royal room puzzle and the various approaches to it.

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