The Reading Desks


  • This offers an interesting puzzle which involves mixing different combinations of coloured light to uncover secret messages.
  • Accessing the different sources of light is a tricky challenge itself, which draws on the player’s size changing abilities.

Description of obstacle

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Many libraries have rooms where people can go to read books. In antiquity these rooms used careful arrangements of windows to fill the space with beams of light (as electricity had not been invented).


In this library, some of the reading room windows are made from stained glass, which causes the light to filter through in different colours. If the player places a book under a coloured light then a secret message will be revealed, which will cause a rare power up to display. Different combinations of lights reveal different messages. However, due to the age of the library, these windows have been boarded up.

The boarding planks are fitted with very strong nails, which prevent the giant player from pulling them down. S/he can smash the boardings to let the light flow through, but this will remove any means for the player to cover the lights again. This in turn limits the player’s control in producing different combinations of light.

Small-to-big techniques


Dust floats in the beams of light, which the player can use to his/her advantage in a two stage process.

Stage one: The small player can use the floating specs of dust as platforms to reach the boardings. S/he will then be able to tug at the nails.

Stage two:
disadvantage.jpg If the player pulls the nails out completely, the boarding will fall down. In order for the giant player to place the boarding back up (as the giant size), s/he will have to locate the fallen screws (If rats are in the area, then it is likely that they will have taken the screws).

advantage.jpg If the screws are only loosened, the player can shift to the giant size to remove the boarding without damaging it. This will then allow him/her to place it back up without having to locate the nails.

Normal techniques; Big technqiues

advantage.jpg The normal or big players can pile up books (and other objects) to create a tower that will block light from a particular window.
disadvantage.jpg The disadvantage of this method is that collecting books is a tedious task. The player will also have to carefully balance the books to ensure that the tower does not topple.

Gameplay Qualities

theorytag_pacing.gif theorytag_gameflow.gif theorytag_challenge.gif
The puzzle offers an enjoyable and non-frustrating challenge, which can yield high rewards for those who solve it.

How does the player learn the solution?

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The desk area has sign that says "Reading area, read your books here". This should provide a clue to the player that books can be read in this area. If the player places a book on the desk, the camera will move so it is positioned over the desk, indicating that the book can be interacted within a special way. However, the words on the pages cannot be read. Although there is only a small stream of light on the books (coming from above), it is not bright enough to read the text. This will give a clue to the player that s/he needs to find a way to increase the light.

The rest of the puzzle is solved through experimenting with the different sizes and through trial and error. This is a slightly more complex puzzle, so the player may not grasp the solution immediately. It occurs near the end of the first floor, so the increase in difficulty pacing is acceptable.

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