The Trust System


  • As well as choosing allegiance to a particular side, the player can earn the trust of a particular side.
  • Trust and allegiance are two separate concepts.
  • Earning the trust of the side could be done to demonstrate the player's allegiance that side.
  • However, it could also be done to gain certain advantages, which are necessary to complete certain optional missions.
  • Hence, the player may earn the trust of one side, while being in allegiance to another.
  • This will allow the player to gain the advantages that the trust provides.
  • They can then betray the trust of that side to prove their allegiance to the opposite side.

Trust & Germs

Advantages of earning the trust of the germs

As explained in the Interactive story section, the player must 'befriend' the germ race to discover their secrets.

Befriending the germs is achieved through completing the germ-favouring optional missions in each level. Each completed mission will make the germs more trusting. This will achieve two outcomes:
1) The germ generals will not flee their city. Hence, if the player finds a germ city, s/he will be able to quiz the generals to learn their plans.
2) The germs will be willing to give the player new upgrades that can assist in playing the game.

Germs: Trust and alliance

If the player wants to take the side of the germs, s/he simply has to win their trust by completing the germ-favouring optional missions. S/he must also sure that s/he does not disclose any of the secrets s/he has learnt about the germs to the humans. This will allow him/her to to prove his/her alliance to the germs.

If the player wants to take the side of the humans, then s/he must betray the trust of the germs. For example, after discovering their secrets, s/he must destroy the colonies. This will cause the player to earn much praise and bonus items from Commander Stanton

Humans: Trust and alliance

If the player wishes to take the side of the humans, s/he has two options:

  1. Win the trust of the germs, learn their secrets and then destroy their colonies, report their secrets to the humans.
  2. Simply find and destroy the germ colonies.

Achieving option 1 will cause the player to earn much praise and bonus items from Commander Stanton. It will also allow the player the opportunity to buy rare items from the germ world shop, before s/he destroys the colonies.

tag_gameplay.gif The trust system adds morale tension to the gameplay. For example, how would the player feel when s/he has spent much time to earn the trust of the germs to learn their plans and then has betrayed this trust by destroying the germ`s colonies to prove his/her allegiance to the humans?

3D Concept Movies

Movies 3b & 3c - Demonstrate the player scaring away germs form the germ-city.

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