What are instinctive training areas?

What are instinctive training areas?

  • Instinctive areas provide safe sections for players to experiment.
  • This allows them to learn through trial and error, but the error carries no frustrating consequences.

An instinctive training area will provide a safe area where the player can interact with an obstacle.
Through interacting with an obstacle the player's vocabulary will be endowed with the skills need to tackle the obstacle.
As the area carries no penalties, the player wont feel frustrated if s/he makes a mistake when interacting with the obstacle.
There will be no consequences (such as losing a life), which could interfere with the learning process.

In contrast to training areas that are lead by a NPC tutor, instinctive training areas are more subtle as the player is working out what to do, as opposed to being told what to do. This prevents immersion from being shattered, which can happen when NPC characters are explaining how game mechanics function (Rouse 2005).

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