Paper Airplanes


  • The player must use air vents to reach the inner-world.
  • In the library level, the normal player can create paper airplanes.
  • This will aid the small player, when s/he is riding the vents.
  • The airplanes are created through clever interaction with the ghosts.

Description of feature

The ghosts in the library fold up things that are thrown at them. If the normal player throws paper at them, the ghosts will create a paper airplane. By placing it on the ground, the player can shrink to the small size and use it to ride the vents.

The aeroplane can fly higher and offers better manoeuvrability. If the player bumps into an object, it is the paper aeroplane and not the player that will take damage.

How does the player learn the solution?

theorytag_instinctive.gif theorytag_vocabulary.gif theorytag_scripted.gif

A scripted event of ghosts throwing objects occurs when the player first enters the library. This should provoke the player to experiment by throwing objects at the ghosts. As sheets of paper are placed near the ghosts, they will be one of the first objects the player will throw. The airplane that is produced acts as a clue in itself to indicate that it is linked to air and flight. This will prompt the player to consider using the airplane when riding the air streams.

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